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Model T

This is an immaculately restored Ford Model T, at Old World Wisconsin for the Midsummer Magic event on June 23, 2018.

Based on the style of the hood, this car was built sometime between 1909 and 1914. The beautiful, gleaming brasswork is very impressive. Red was an available color during the earliest years of production. This car is amazingly clean under the hood too.

The factory price of the Model T decreased each year. It started out at US$825 in 1909, and by 1914, it was down to US$440. In current dollars that's US$22,471 and US$10,750, respectively.

The Model T engine was able to run on gasoline, kerosene or ethanol.

It had an ignition system, much different from that of more modern vehicles. A low voltage magneto on the flywheel, supplied power via a timer (similar to a distributor) on the crankshaft. The timer routed power to trembler coils https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trembler_coil), in a coil box, inside the cabin on what we would consider the instrument panel. The coil box contained 4 coils, one for each cylinder, Each coil supplied spark to an insulated terminal which extended through the firewall. Spark plug wires were routed directly from the firewall terminals to the spark plugs.

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